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Appalachian blossom

Appalachian Blossom was inspired by my American grandmother who despite not having the opportunity to go to school as long as she would have liked was one of the most well read and well-educated people I have ever known. She loved learning which is why she read so much so it seemed appropriate to make her piece from the paged of an old world book encyclopedia. She was a wonderful grandmother who sent the best packages and who’s visits always included making art and having an art show on the walls of the garage. She lived with us after she retired and did so many things for us that made a wonderful childhood possible. She took us to school and picked us up in her old white Plymouth with a black vinyl top, she took us to activities, hemmed our clothes and made sure that we enunciated our words when we talked. Even though she lived most of her life outside of her home state of West Virginia she was Blue and gold to the core. She and my mom would alternate taking me to every other OU home game where she was always a good sooner and cheered for the Crimson and Cream. However, I am still scarred by that awful Saturday morning where Jeff Hostetler and the West Virginia Mountaineers came into our stadium and defeated my beloved Sooners and she cheered for them as they embarrassed us on our home field.

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