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Andaa Blossom

This piece damn near killed me mentally and physically. Andaa Blossom was for the 2021 OKC Museum of Art Omelette 37th Annual Omelette Party: Br-EGG-fast in Bed! This event is and always will be special to me because they gave me my first opportunity to create a piece of art. Without that first Omelette Party and the encouragement of my dear friend and Leadership Oklahoma Classmate Cindy Mitas Friedemann I may never have taken the leap into making art.


For this year’s piece I thought from the beginning that the piece should be inspired by eggs. While I was making it, I remembered my Pakistani grandmother always telling me to eat eggs or “Andaa” in Urdu, because it would make me strong. She was always recommending things that would make you strong like dipping snuff which she always liked to do. So Andaa Blossom is an homage to eggs and my egg eating snuff dipping grandmother who by the way was a tremendous cook. Her cooking skills were greatly underappreciated in my youth but I remember the dinners that she cooked fondly.

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