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friendship train Blossom

Friendship Train Blossom a very dear friend commissioned a piece of art for her new office building. As with every piece I sit down with the person or people to find out more about them. It really helps me to think about them while I am creating the piece and I truly believe that inspiration makes the pieces as personal and unique as possible. My friend Jami is a smart talented lawyer who is passionate about public education and gives generously to her community. Some of the things that I wrote down when we talked are:


More is more.

She isn’t subtle.

She isn’t shy.

She can be loud.

She likes things that are colorful.

She likes things that have a lot of visual interest.


She also shared that she loves music and is stuck in the 60’s and 70’s and loves Motown.


I was so honored to be asked to do a piece for Jami and enjoyed seeing her excitement for her new piece, her new building and her new office when I dropped it off today.


So much has happened in our world, country and community since I started this piece that I thought the name of this piece was particularly important. So, this piece is named after the 1970 Gladys Knight and the Pips song Friendship Train. It’s a song from a different time with a message that is still as relevant today as it was 50 years ago as you can see in the lyrics below:


Calling out to everyone across the nation Said, the world is in a desperate situation Stealing, burning, fighting, killing Nothing but corruption.


It looks like mankind in on the eve of destruction Oh yes, it is people, let me tell you now We've got to learn to live with each other No, no matter what the race, creed or color I just got to tell you what the world needs now Is love and understanding get on board the Friendship Train


Everybody shake a hand, shake a hand.

People I'm talking about the Friendship Train Everybody, shake a hand, make a friend now Listen to us now, we're doing our thing On the Friendship Train.


We've got to start today to make tomorrow A brighter day for our children Oh, calm down people now we can do it I can prove it but only if our hearts are willing.

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