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Hero Blossom

Hero Blossom was inspired by the strange year that 2020 was and was auctioned off to raise money for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. It feels like a different lifetime since I started this piece so much has happened in the world since then. Horrible, sad unimaginable things have happened since then.


So, I will share that while these pieces often represent something about a person or a memory. However, they are also a representation of  what can happen when we pick up the pieces when things seem broken and hopeless and put them back together in a new and different way. Something beautiful can happen.


I want to thank my B for the inspiration of using magazines that we were getting rid of. She always has amazing ideas even if it takes me a while sometimes to see that they are amazing ideas. Thank you to my friend Dr. James K. for his letter and thoughts on the pandemic and his experiences with COVID in the ER. Thank you to everyone who has made a donation to The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma so far. We are very grateful! Finally and most importantly thank you to everyone who donated toilet paper cores for the piece. They were fun to work with and added more meaning to the piece.


Stay safe, stay healthy and be kind to each other!!!

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