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Cans are for Peas Hay is for Horses blossom

If you went to Monroe Elementary School in the 70’s-90’s you knew of Mrs. Garriott and if you were really lucky like me, you had her as your teacher. She was and still is larger than life even though she is tiny. Everything about her was larger than life like the HUGE Ruf-Nek paddle in her closet, the fact that her brother was an astronaut or the fact that she would disappear every summer and go to some remote location to paint. If you were lucky enough to be in her class you will remember how, when someone would yell “Hey Mrs. Garriott can I go to the bathroom?”, she would always yell back “Hay is for horses and cans are for peas!” I think that any piece that is inspired by her should be green and include something that looks like peas.  There were and are many amazing teachers out there and I had quite a few but none were or ever will be like her.

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