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Sulis blossom

Sulis Blossom was inspired by my friend Sammye Norvell Cravens. The piece is named after Sulis the Celtic goddess of light, healing and wellness. As soon as I started thinking about Sammye’s piece I knew that it had to have some reference to the sun and have her favorite color, orange as well. I met her through Leadership Oklahoma board and alumni committees. From the first day that we met we became fast friends. Sammye is always the brightest source of light and energy in any room and is one of the most kind, generous and positive people that I have ever known. This is truly amazing since she is not just a cancer survivor, she’s a 5-time cancer survivor. She works hard, volunteers, does so much for others, is a wonderful friend all while dealing with the unimaginable and treat after treatment. It’s never possible to completely capture everything about someone in one piece and certainly not in this case. However, I hope that Sulis Blossom at least captures a little of the light that Sammye brings to the world and those around her.

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