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Bronx Bomber Blossom

Bronx Bomber Blossom was for an old and dear friend who I met in 9th grade.


When we talked about her piece, she mentioned her love of Baseball and the Yankees. Her introduction to the Yankees because of her grandfather and the memories that brought back to her. She loves the team, the history, the tradition, the players, sitting in the stands watching a game on a sunny day, the electricity of October in the Bronx and being part of the fan base. Then there are her memories of playing baseball and her love of the history and legacy of the game.


Making this piece brought back many memories for me as well. Playing baseball, listening to the World Series on the radio and most of all collecting baseball cards and endlessly organizing and trading them with one of my friends.


The piece itself is made up of Yankees baseball cards as well as images of the things that make the Yankees great. Things like Yankee stadium, the field, the bats, the gloves, the pinstripes the great players and coaches from the early days and players like Babe Ruth to the 90’s, the classic Yankees logo and of course the fans.

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