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She is the most beautiful girl in the world, my wandering partner, the reason for and inspiration behind everything I create. 


treasure hunting

Old things are beautiful and have a story that we sometimes know and sometimes create because something so beautiful and interesting must have a story. Such beautiful treasures must be hunted for patiently because the hunt makes them more interesting and beautiful.


MOMA San Francisco

The first time I visited MOMA San Francisco it was 40 minutes before closing. I was grateful to have those  40 minutes but always felt like I hadn't really been there. So when I got the chance to go back with Blossom we got there when it opened and stared exploring. We wandered and explored soaking up every piece of art we saw until all of a sudden we realized that we had been there the entire day and that it was time for the museum to close. This is a truly wonderful and magical place.


Portland Japanese Garden

The Japanese garden in Portland, Oregon is  one of the greenest and most beautiful places I have ever been. It has so many wonders to explore on its winding paths through the forest, up and down wondrously crafted stairs and across bridges spanning waters full of colorful fish. everywhere you turn is a vista focused on a peaceful pavilion, meditative stone garden or moss covered folly.

Japanese Garden.jpg

cannon beach

We often think of warm sunny places when we hear the word beach but this chilly rainy day at Cannon Beach in Oregon showed that the beach and the ocean are beautiful in all their many forms. I love the ocean because it is always constant in that it is always changing. From one moment to the next the waves move the sand leaving intricate patterns while surface of the water looks so different with every passing second depending on its speed, depth, light, temperature or an object that lies beneath creating strange swirls and foam as the water moves relentlessly back and forth.

Cannon Beach.jpg

The Best time of the day

This is the most important time of our day each day. We cant always be together in the same place but we try to be together at that time each day and if we can't we at least communicate that we are thinking of each other.

I 03.jpg


Stairs are such interesting things. They can take you places and sometimes be a beautiful place themselves like this stair at the Japanese garden in Portland, Oregon.


Powell's Bookstore

Powell's bookstore in Portland, Oregon is such an incredible and wonderful place. You can spend a whole day wandering, exploring, treasure hunting, reading and eating in this glorious mecca of books.

Powell's BS.jpg

vista house

Old buildings like old objects have such rich history and such a wonderful story to tell. Vista House along The Columbia River Highway in Oregon is one of those wonderful structures that you can feel the energy of that history and the hands that created such beauty that still stands for us to enjoy tooday.

Old Buildings.jpg


My wife's name is Blossom so how can i not love flowers, especially flowers like this peony that we saw at a market on a cool drizzly Saturday morning in Portland, Oregon.

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