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horse whisperer blossom

Horse Whisperer Blossom was inspired by my friend and Leadership Oklahoma classmate Angela Robinson. I spent some time getting to know Angela better on the bus on the way to our session in the panhandle. There were some really wonderful things that I learned about her on that trip, but my favorite was her love of horses. As part of our trip to the panhandle we went o one of the most remote parts of our state and visited the town of Kenton. While in Kenton our class had the opportunity to explore the countryside and several of us decided to hike up a small rock outcropping. I was in a small group with Angela that was behind the larger group and while we were walking through a field to get to the rocks several large horses appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The horses were all gentle and curious, but they seemed to know something about Angela and were immediately drawn to her, they knew that she was their kind of people. She was wonderful with the horses, and they seemed to really love their interaction with her so I will always think of my friend Angela as The Horse Whisperer of our class.

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