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Unexpected friendship Blossom

Unexpected Friendship Blossom is the first of the 50 pieces that I am making to mark my 50th birthday. Originally the pieces were going to be named for the individuals that they were in honor of but in working on this piece I was thinking that there is so much inspiration that comes from my relationships with them that using some of that inspiration in naming the pieces would be appropriate.


So with that in mind here is Unexpected Friendship Blossom inspired by and in honor of my high school English teacher Mrs. St John and the book Moby Dick. I have enjoyed listening to the book and reminiscing about a time that seems so far away and different right now. Norman High School in 1988-1989 was a grand place to go to school with many wonderful friends and many wonderful teachers. Other than the watercolor paper that I always use this piece was cut entirely from the pages and cover of Herman Melville’s epic tale.


I hope that this memory makes you think back on happy days and grand times with your great high school teachers like Mrs. St John.


I hope all who see this will enjoy this special piece and find wisdom in Ishmael’s words from his first meeting with Queequeg below:


“See how elastic our prejudices grow when once love comes to bend them.”

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