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Joyful Blossom

Joyful Blossom was created for an old friend who I have known since first grade at Monroe Elementary School. When she asked me if I would make a piece for her the guidance that she gave me was that she loved pink and blue and green. I’ve been working on it since August , almost half of this crazy year and as I worked on it for 5 months I’ve felt joyful. I’ve also felt very grateful that despite all of the craziness in the world this year that I have been more than my share of fortunate for which I am very grateful. The colors that my friend picked look and feel like the colors of nature, sky, flowers, grass, trees, water and nature. These are all things that are there for us every day no matter the circumstance and if we pause to enjoy them they can and will bring us joy. I also added some grey in the piece because life isn’t always black and white. There is a lot of joy to be found in the grey.


Thank you dear Kathy for asking me to make this for your home. The opportunity to create this for you allowed me to cut paper, think, listen to books, music and most of all create, all things that bring me joy.

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