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Theia blossom

Theia Blossom was inspired by my dear friend Debbie Forshee. I haven’t really known Debbie that long, but I can’t actually remember how we met, perhaps it was the year that she was a Festival of the Arts Co-Chair. Since then, Debbie and her husband Richard have become wonderful friends. When we were discussing this piece, we discovered that we have common experience dealing with dark periods of time in our lives and then pulling out into the light. While the dark times are in the past and the present and future are bright there are still the swirls of the dark days present from time to time. Perhaps these similar experiences are what drew us together as friends or perhaps it was a love of art and service. Whatever the reason Debbie has become one of my favorite people on the planet.


The piece takes its name from the Greek goddess Theia who was the Titan Goddess of Sight (Theia) and the shining light of the clear blue sky. I originally though that the piece would be a wild swirl of color and energy which is the way that I initially saw Debbie. However, as I have gotten to know her over time, I have found her to be a shining light and wise and calming presence in my life. So, when I think of Debbie, I think of the calm soothing colors of the bright blue sky with soft swirls of clouds that work together to calm the memories of the dark darts and keep them at bay.

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