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replicant blossom

Replicant Blossom was inspired by my friend Vicki who I have n known almost 30 years. When I first met her, I was a college intern at REES, and she was an amazingly sophisticated, talented and creative interior designer. I was immediately in awe of her, but we quickly became friends. Vicki is one of those people who are always kind and willing to teach and share. I had no idea what a big deal she was in our industry and community until I got more integrated into my career a few years later. I will forever be grateful that this amazingly accomplished designer took an interest in and invested in someone like me. Over the years Vicki and I have worked together, traveled together and laughed together. I have learned so much from my amazing friend and would not be where I am professionally and personally without her friendship and guidance. After all these years I am still learning things from and about her. During a recent dinner to celebrate her birthday she shared that she loved science fiction movies like the original Blade Runner. I love learning new things about people and this thing about Vicki is amazing. This piece is named Replicant Blossom because I can see my amazing, sophisticated friend Vicki in Sean Young’s character Rachael who was a Nexus-7 replicant. Throughout the movie Edward James Olmos’ character makes and leaves origami unicorns so his piece is made from origami paper called coral beauty that reminds me of my wonderful, beautiful friend Vicki.

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