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Big Sister blossom

Big Sister Blossom was inspired by my friend and Leadership Oklahoma classmate Kristine Walsh. Kristine is one of those amazing people that you meet that is incredibly smart, talented, and successful and you know it immediately. However, it isn’t because she promotes herself, on the contrary she is humble and kind. It is when you take the time to talk to and listen to her you begin to get a glimpse into what an amazing person she is. Kristine has a wonderful family with wonderful children that she has raised, has been successful in business, and still makes time to help others. Kristine is passionate about her volunteering especially with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma. She has served on the board, volunteered for events, and most importantly she is a Big Sister herself. Big Sister Blossom is for Kristine who generously gives the greatest gift that she can give a young person as a mentor who shares her time and wisdom to help them learn and grow. Kristine is simply wonderful, and I am proud to call her a friend.

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