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kitsune blossom

Qeen Blossom, yes that’s Qeen not Queen, was inspired by another one of our nieces who like so many little girls her age loved Frozen and Elsa. She watched it over and over and over and it was about the only thing that she liked to talk about. One day when she came over, she told us that she was the Qeen. So, from that day on she has been The Qeen to me. She’s a little older now and has moved on to more “grown up things” and likes to correct me when I call her Qeen. She can’t understand why I keep calling her that but hey I’m just calling her what she told me she was, The Qeen. So Qeen blossom has the colors and shapes that look like the kind of jewels, gowns and cowns that Qeen Alana might wear. And yes, she also told me that Qeens wear “Cowns”.

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