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longmu blossom

Longmu Blossom was inspired by my friend Terri Cooper who over a taco lunch shared her story and Chinese heritage with me. A few sentences aren’t nearly enough to describe how wonderful or amazing she is and all that she does and has done in the community. I met Terri when I joined Rotary in 2016 and was instantly in awe of her. Over the years we’ve discovered a love of tacos and have had several wonderful conversations over a taco lunch.


Soon after I joined Rotary we went to her inauguration as president of our club, and I remember being greeted by two dancing Chinese dragons at the entrance to the event. Terri is an art lover and volunteer for many arts organizations, and she shared with me that she even had dragons on the Festival of The Arts poster the year that she was a co-chair.


I knew immediately when I talked to her about including a piece inspired by her for 50/50 that it had to have something to do with dragons and dragon fire. Dragons are beautiful and powerful creatures like my wonderful friend Terri who is worthy of the title “Mother of Dragons”.

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