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Selfless Servant blossom

Selfless Servant Blossom was inspired by my amazing, wonderful friend Marion Paden. The name comes from The Rotary motto Service Above Self. I met Marion at Rotary shortly after joining Rotary Club 29 and shortly after being accepted into Leadership Oklahoma. I spent the next year getting to know Marion well in her role as CEO of LOK.


Those who know Marion know who’s amazing she is and how much she does and has done for so many in the community. One of the organizations that she loves is Rotary Club of Oklahoma City which she has been a member of for many years and has also served as president. Her love for Rotary goes back to her youth and her grandfather’s involvement with Rotary. She recently told me a wonderful story about getting a ride to Rotary in her youth from OU President George Lynn Cross.


Marion has traveled the world both for Rotary as well as with many friends for fun. She has a passion for helping others and has devoted herself to causes like the Rotary effort to eradicate polio from the world. Marion is also a former educator and university administrator, so it seemed most fitting to use maps from a 1950’s atlas as tribute to her world travels, her connection to family and friends across the United States and her career as an educator.


I greatly admire and respect Marion and see her as the ultimate selfless servant.

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