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Takumina Sagi blossom

Takumina Sagi Blossom was inspired by my wonderful friend and Leadership Oklahoma City classmate Wendi Wilson. I went to architecture school with her husband Curt, but we didn’t meet until LOKC back in 2012. Wendi is like the heron in Japan where the white heron is deemed unique for its ability to move between three elements: air, earth, and water. Locals herald the graceful white bird as a symbol of good luck.


Wendi has the same unique ability to move between many things personally and professionally and excel in all of them like the heron.


Wendi is also artful as I discovered a few years ago. She is a wonderful and talented artist and recently gave me a beautiful elephant piece that I cherish dearly.


I herald my graceful and artful friend Wendi as a symbol of good luck because I am grateful for and lucky to have her as a friend.

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